Do you remember your grandpa’s toolbox? My grandfather had his trusty toolbox always at the ready. It was filled with various tools that were well loved, and he always knew which to use and for what. There are many tools in a good leader’s arsenal. Countless executives have done interviews giving away tips and lessons they wish they had learned earlier in their careers. I like to keep up with what is going on in the world of business outside of the companies that I run, and I have found similarities in what these leaders have learned. I want to share that with you today.

1. Communication. Such a valuable tool, probably the most important. It is crucial to stay in communication with everyone from your team. Feedback is essential to maintaining the level of work and quality that you want your business to maintain. Never underestimate the value of a “good job” or even better “this is exactly what I wanted, excellent!” The more clarity, the better.

2. Defining project goals. Personally this is my biggest challenge. Many times we think more than we specify, thinking everyone is on the same page. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an employee finish a project, only to tell them later that it must be redone. The old addage is true, “it is better to work smarter than work harder.” Setting clear goals for your team will ensure the job is not only getting done, but it is done with your goals in mind.

3. Motivate with more than money. Many times and for many people, money is not the bottom line. There are many things in our lives that motivates us, find out what drives the people on your team and you will unlock the keys to their potential. There doesn’t have to be a “power struggle” if what you need from individual employees falls in line with the values of your workplace. Find that, and you find a deep well of potential energy in your business.

4. Hire with efficiency. Often the most crucial aspects of running your business is done with the least amount of intention. This can cause issues down the road so it’s important to do these things with the highest level of intention. When hiring your team, make sure you are clear what your intentions are for the position, good and … well… not so glamorous. Many employers are fearful of doing this, thinking it will scare away the right candidate. However, I have found that being upfront with my new hires means everyone is on the same page.

5. Finally, be the employee that you want your employees to be. I hold all of my employees to the highest standard, and I count myself among that group. If I expect my business to be run with integrity, passion, and efficiency, then I must set the standard.

Grandpa had his tools ready and now you have 5 more to add to your toolbox.

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