February. The month where we celebrate love and Presidents. But what do they have in common, and why on earth would you talk about politics and love in the same blog?! (the boss asked me this ;-)) It’s easy. Love and Presidents all start with Eros: The Greek, mischievous, young adult. No matter who you voted for, they all act like Eros. Maybe not Greek, but likely mischievous and childlike. But in all Presidents, there are 3 traits that deserve to be admired and loved.


Commitment: It takes a huge commitment to be President of the United States. Time, money, family… The job is not for the faint of heart. Love is the same way. It takes real commitment to love. You must commit to overlooking faults. Commit time to nurture and cherish your partner. Commit to family. Commit to building the relationship so it’s about the other person, and not about you. Commit to love, and you will be loved.


Passion: To be President you must have passion. Has there ever been a President that wasn’t passionate? I can’t think of one.  Passion is key to moving people and inspiring them to believe. One of the greats was F.D.R. He was passionate about everything he did. So, take passion home. Be passionate about your experiences, time, ideas, and of those in your life. Be passionate towards your partner. The eager enthusiasm will rub off and foster a tremendous relationship. If genuine, the emotion will be reciprocated. Be as passionate as F.D.R. with those you love.


Eros: Just a cool word. Better than Cupid. A little more adult. But, I digress…


Devotion: No President in modern history lacked devotion. They have all been deeply devoted to a cause. Maybe not your cause, but definitely a cause. Devotion is critical to a lasting relationship. Devoting yourself to your spouse like the cause will create momentum, build strength, and help when times are tough. This devotion will carry you through doubt and keep the main thing, your relationship, at the center of your thoughts.


We don’t have to agree with the President (we are lucky to live in the US where we can disagree), but let’s remember it is not about the President. It is about the office. Stay committed and devoted to your partner, keep the passion alive, and your relationship will go beyond the job and the office. Now, go take your spouse out to dinner and celebrate that commitment, passion, and devotion together.