December is a crazy time of year. Year end at work, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and food. Food and more food. Personally, I workout more this month so I can eat more. It’s the time of year I am willing put extended time in the gym so I can eat and drink whatever I want.

The other top 5 things I do in December that you can too:

1. Birthdays. December is a huge month for birthdays. Larry Bird, my adorable wife, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jesus. Celebrating Christmas spans the globe. The most important and celebrated birthday ever.

2. Reflect. Looking back on the year and recognizing my accomplishments, fun times, and failures. What works and what didn’t work. It’s fun, especially for my kids to make fun of me for starting so many things and finishing very few. They are finishers. I am a starter. I can activate a ton of ideas like the wonder twins but I need people around me to help finish. It’s OK. I can accept it now. Plus, it gives my kids something to poke fun at me. Otherwise I am a perfect parent.

3. Plan. It’s the time of year to make the plan for the next. Personally, I spend the last week of the month and figure out what I need to do to accomplish my goals for the next year. It takes time but is so rewarding. You can download the goal sheet off my website: It works great.

4. Celebrate. Celebrate your wins. Celebrate the end of the year. Celebrate Christmas. Celebrate family. Celebrate.

5. Family. The kids are home for the holiday break. Don’t be rushing around too much in the typical season fashion that you forget to simply enjoy all of those in your life that you love. Exercise together, play together, go skiing, or just for a long walk. We like to play games (a bit competitively I might add). Bask in an old tradition or start a new one. Just enjoy the special moments of being together.

5 simple things to do in December. Celebrate, reflect, and plan are the big 3. The others will fall into place. Oh yes, I have to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Can’t forget the birthday. Go. Eat, drink, and be Merry. And don’t forget to keep working out.