How do you start off your morning in a way that puts you in your best possible attitude for the day?

When you want to have a day of excellence, it makes a difference to start with an effective routine. All of us have a morning routine already whether we think we are creatures of habit or not. If you look back over the last week at what you did when you first got out of bed, you will likely see a pattern of doing the same things in order every day.

What does the first hour of the day look like for you? Are your first hour activities creating a great mindset? Are you relaxed yet energized through your morning routine, or do you run around at a frenzied pace creating undue stress for yourself? Most of us sleep with our phones next to our bed, and 80% of smart phone users check their phone before brushing their teeth. When you are not fully awake and the first thing you read in the morning happens to be an email from an upset client, imagine what tone that starts for your day.

After studying and working with successful leaders for over 20 years, I have discovered the highest achievers accomplish more in the first couple hours than others accomplish in an entire day. They have done this by setting a powerful morning routine.

I developed my own morning success ritual to create outstanding results. When I follow this routine every day I have more energy, clarity, and focus, and accomplish more in less time.

There are many expert opinions on morning routines. It has been stated that “all successful entrepreneurs” start their day really early. A previous job required my attendance at early morning meetings. No matter how often I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning for the 7 a.m. meeting, I found myself never fully awake and operating at my best until after 8 a.m. This is simply how I am wired. There are different opinions about exercise as well. Some state early morning is the best time to exercise, where others prefer the evening to create a separation between work and home.

Bottom line is your routine must work for you. What do you need to do first thing in the morning in order to start your day off right?

Some helpful hints:

  • Always schedule time for yourself first, before you let others needs and wants intervene.
  • Include an activity that motivates you for the day such as inspirational reading, meditation or listening to your favorite music.
  • Eat breakfast with protein. A morning meal high in protein helps your brain produce dopamine which gives you energy and makes you feel awake and alert.
  • Move your electronics from your bedside and wait to check emails until after your morning routine is complete.

Start your day off right with an effective morning routine and be rewarded with a positive mindset for a day of excellence.