Strengthening teams by building
solid foundations

Strengthening teams by building
solid foundations

Discover your unique abilities, drive performance, and make your team unstoppable.


Personality assessments such as Birkman, DiSC, and EQ-i are very helpful in raising self awareness, improving communication, and building effective, high performing teams.  The DiSC model provides a simple and common language that individuals can use to better understand themselves and others.  

Birkman Assessments identify the qualities of who you are, and captures the hidden needs and stressors demonstrating how to motivate and satisfy each individual.  Are you an extrovert than needs to be surrounded by people to increase energy, or do you need to recharge alone? Birkman also measures emotional intelligence, leadership styles, communication styles, and career interests.  

Legacy Leader’s clients have used assessments for improved hiring results, promoting, mergers and acquisitions, team building, communication, and conflict resolution.   


Trust and clear communication are critical elements team use to grow effectively we teach how to build both and the results are game changing. Through this interactive program, learn best practices to increase engagement, improve accountability, and shatter your performance goals. 


Zig Ziglar set the standard for goal setting with a timeless and proven process for exponential results.  In this dynamic training workshop, Graham, a Ziglar certified coach, shares Zig’s famous goal setting approach and effective tools to help you define and accomplish everything you want to Be, Do, and Have.


Dr. Edward DeBono, a brain training pioneer, showed creative thinking is not a talent; it is a skill that can be learned. Graham will guide you and your team through the powerful, systematic process of how to think creatively. From strategic planning solutions to everyday issues, this proven method will help you create and innovate in your business. 


Recruit, retain, and educate your high performers. Legacy Leader custom team workshops teach skills to grow and develop your team. We can help you design a program for improving engagement, team cohesiveness, effective meetings, double digit growth, and world class customer service.