The season is changing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and our teams at MSNW are preparing for Spring cleanups at our client businesses and properties. Spring is the rebirth of creation and it is a delight to see bulbs poking their heads out of the ground, colorful buds appearing on the trees, and waking to the music of happy birds.

One of the gifts of Spring is that it seems to provide a new energy to clean up rooms and yards that we have left to clutter over the winter. Could it also provide the energy that is needed for cleanup in our own lives?

We have been working on making 2017 our Best Year, and I asked recently how you are doing on your New Year’s resolutions. A resolution is much more than an idea or a hope to change, instead it is a decision made with resolve and an action plan. Our resolution can be a catalyst to a new and better life.

If you made a resolution for positive change in your life this year, how are you doing?  Sometimes when we are not making progress it is due to barriers we alone have created for ourselves. Self-awareness can be the key to remove the barriers holding us back from successful results. Barriers of doubt, negative self-talk, or lack of focus can hinder our ability to move forward. When stuck in unproductive patterns such as these I have found it helpful to take time for reflection where I honestly assess myself and what I have to clean up in my feelings, behaviors and actions. Success requires a constant monitoring of our progress and making shifts as necessary along the way.

Let’s take the time for a little Spring cleanup, and then watch our own blossoms emerge.

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu