Whether the day is a good day, the month a good month, or the year a good year, is all a matter of choosing the right perspective.

The sun hovers over the ocean in front of me, casting beams of light down through the clouds as it makes its ascent and a brand new day begins. The view is mesmerizing, the breeze warm and soft on my face, and the only sound is the waves lapping gently against the shore.

To anyone looking on from the outside it is such a peaceful setting – thenĀ how come I cannot conjure up this same sense of tranquility within?

Most days I wake up optimistic and ready to conquer the day. Not today though. Even as I am surrounded by light and warmth, my insides feel dark and stormy. My body feels anxiety brewing; my heart hurts from a conversation I had with a grieving friend; my head stews over a problem at work.

Let’s face it. Though well intentioned, none of us go through life unscathed.

There will be situations that disappoint us, and problems we can’t solve. There will be days it feels like too much and we find ourselves in a negative place. Can you relate to this?

Here are five steps you can take to push reset when you are having one of those days:

1. Accept the Feeling

When you are feeling sad, anxious, angry, or scared, simply recognize the emotion. There is nothing you need to do.

Try not to fight the emotion, and at the same time you don’t have to let it consume you. Move from, “I am anxious” to “I am feeling anxious.” You can be the observer of the feeling – “oh, that is anxiety.”

2. Let It Go

Though not always easy, you can choose to let these negative thoughts go. Your mind is very powerful. You can change your thinking away from things that are bringing you down and transform yourself by the renewing of your mind.

Invite peace of mind by consciously letting go of the thoughts that are not serving you.

3. Turn Your Mind to the Positive

Now it is time to reframe your thinking by turning your mind to positive things. If you are always looking at your problems, your problems will overwhelm you. When you focus on the negative you create a neuro pathway that hardens over time.

The good news is you can change this. You have the power to change your brain and create new positive neuro pathways.

4. Affirm Yourself

Too often you are your own worst enemy through critical, self-sabotaging thoughts. You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind. Reverse this with positive affirmations.

Pour over yourself words of affirmation like a warm shower running over your body.

  • My body is strong and healthy
  • I am a compassionate person
  • I am a caring leader

5. Do Something Restoring

When you are having a bad day, take time to be kind to yourself with an activity that is restoring or rejuvenating. A positive activity will do wonders to change your perspective on the day.

Get outside, exercise, or have tea with a good friend. You likely know something you can do that brightens your mood and makes you feel better.


Peace of mind is available to you anywhere at any time. No matter what the circumstances, know that peace is always there for you. You have the power to choose your mind state.

You have the power to push reset and make today a good day.