When I was a young girl we used to sing a song called “Count Your Blessings.” It is a simple song with a simple but profound idea: name the great things and people in your life one by one.

That song was probably my first brush with the idea of living a gratitude-filled life. I have many blessings – more than I am able to count. But every morning, I take time to remember all the good in my life. I find a quiet place, tune out all of the noise and start counting.

It sounds easy when you think about it. But taking stock of your life every day and reminding yourself how good you have it must be done with purpose. You have to schedule it. You have to be proactive about it. That has always been true, but even more so these days when being bombarded by technology, incoming communication, and constant distraction.

Living Life On Purpose

Over the next few weeks and months, we are going to spend time together in this space discussing how to have a great life – on purpose.

You will find as we go along that you and I probably have a lot in common. I am a wife and mother and my family is my top priority. I am an entrepreneur and have built a thriving business. My clients and team members depend on me. However, it has been difficult sometimes keeping on top of everything, and I have failed more times than I can enumerate. But along the way, I have learned some things and developed some tools that will help you build and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted. You can be successful in the business world and maintain balance in your personal life without constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

We will talk about effective goal setting and daily routines that work. We will discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how to do that in between our jobs, families, community, etc.

Living Life On Automatic

Here is why all of these things are so important. What I have learned is that many of us (including me at one time) succumb to what I call ‘living on automatic’ where significant time rolls by and before we know it we find ourselves at a destination that we wouldn’t have chosen – we’ve gained 30 pounds, or our schedules are killing us, or our relationships are stagnant or worse. We find that we have inadvertently created a comfortable schedule, of sorts, that we do every day without ever once giving it any thought. Over time, trouble sneaks up on us. We are sleepwalking and we are surprised by where our walk has taken us.

I want you to know that I have been right there. When I suggest anything at all in this community you should know that it is from a place of humility because I am keenly aware that none of us is immune to living an automatic life.

My hope for you as we move along together? That you take back control of your time and your calendar; that you grow strong roots and build deep and lasting relationships; that you become aware of all of your unique talents and skills and you use them every day to their fullest; that you have the life you always wanted and dreamed of.

It is completely doable. Let’s learn and grow together.

And, who knows? Maybe someday soon you’ll be doing your morning meditation and counting your blessings.