Thanksgiving is a great time of year. Time with family. Time to watch Basketball. Many do turkey trots or play flag football with friends (be careful you could twist a knee or rupture your Achilles tendon as you get older).

I wanted to think of things I was grateful for and came up with the standard: Live in America, Family, etc. Then I decided. What am I grateful for that I can share or that is about others or just plain fun?

Dodgeball: Remember dodgeball? I loved it. Even played it at the Y as an adult. What a great sport. Chuck a ball at your friend’s head as hard as you can. Too bad we can’t play it anymore. I miss dodgeball.

That reminded me of Joe Duffy. One of the greatest dodgeball players of all time. At least in 5th grade. Joe could knock you over if he hit you. It hurt. It left a mark. Joe passed away way too young. Joe had a huge heart and a great sense of humor. I miss Joe.

That reminded me, I am so grateful for health and humor.

Health. We often take it for granted until its too late. Look around. We all know someone or many people going through a tough time with their health. Often it is self inflicted. Don’t let that happen. Joes’s wasn’t but others have been. Eat clean. Exercise even if it’s a walk to the mailbox. Get outside. Your heart and family will thank you.

Humor. We all need a good belly laugh. If the entire world could enjoy a belly laugh on a daily basis for a month think about how much better we would all feel. No matter where you are or what’s going on. Try it. Try and find the humor in the situation. In the darkest times and most stressful situations, there is humor, but you need to look for it. Remember morphine is illegal so stick with the endorphins. Endorphins will change your outlook.

Thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest and enjoying family. It is celebrated around the world not just here in the US but in Vietnam and China too, I doubt they cook a turkey but maybe. They likely play soccer instead of American Football too. But it’s about time together and the harvest as we head into winter. Go make someone laugh. Keep someone accountable at the gym. Play dodgeball with the family.

Wouldn’t that make December and the end of the year all that much more fun? I double dare you to try. Look for the humor and spread the joy. Even if it is making fun of someone eating too much turkey and getting sick or your buddy rupturing his Achilles pretending to be 18 and in the NFL.

Go enjoy the turkey and endorphins.