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6 02, 2020

What is Most Important to You, Right Now?

2020-01-28T14:00:09-08:00February 6th, 2020|

When I was in the second grade my mother signed me up for piano lessons. I was excited as it was something fun and new to learn. Admittedly though, I am easily distracted and if it wasn’t for a disciplined mother, I would have quit in the first year. After all – on a sunny day the last thing I wanted to do was practice piano after school when I  Read more »

23 01, 2020

3 Ways to Be More Hopeful This Year

2020-01-23T14:28:18-08:00January 23rd, 2020|

Each January I have the privilege of attending an industry CEO conference in a warm, tropical place. This year it was in Aruba, a fabulous weather reprieve from the frigid 20-degree temperatures we left at home. One morning I opened up the curtains to the beautiful scene of a double rainbow. A brief shower had passed through and as the sun peaked out behind the clouds, the rainbow showed a  Read more »

19 12, 2019

Make Next Year Your Best Year

2019-12-19T11:56:34-08:00December 19th, 2019|

Yesterday we had one of those surprise, bright blue-sky winter days. The forecast was calling for a week of rain, so when we woke up to sunshine my husband and I decided to take a mid-day break from work and bundled up for some exercise in the fresh air. On our walk we talked about our December activities; how quickly the last few weeks of the year always go; and  Read more »

13 12, 2019

Give Yourself the Gift of Peace.

2019-12-13T15:35:00-08:00December 13th, 2019|

“Peace can be yours this season if you decide to make room for it.” Janelle Bruland The Holiday season is in full swing. Wherever you look there are signs of the season – twinkling lights on the houses, freshly cut trees atop cars, Christmas music playing. It seems everywhere you go in December; people are rushing around in a frenzy. People ask, “Are you ready for Christmas?” I don’t think  Read more »

13 12, 2019

Today I Choose to Be Grateful

2019-12-13T15:32:42-08:00December 13th, 2019|

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and it is difficult to maintain an attitude of optimism. The good news is that even though we can’t always control the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can choose our mindset. My daughter Paige spent time a few years ago serving in a local orphanage in Guatemala. Areas of this country are so poor and disadvantaged that many families and children work as  Read more »

9 11, 2019

Record Your Precious Moments as They Become Lifetime Memories

2019-11-09T11:42:35-08:00November 9th, 2019|

The days are getting crisp in the Northwest as we anticipate the holidays just a few short weeks away. Though admittedly I mourn the warmer days of summer, I enjoy the cool, blue sky days of winter and always look forward to the holiday season and spending special time connecting with my family. One of our favorite places to go during the holidays is the beautiful resort town of Whistler.  Read more »

9 11, 2019

You Are a Warrior

2019-11-09T11:41:06-08:00November 9th, 2019|

Does music move you like it does me? When that familiar song starts playing that is one of your favorites do you start humming the lyrics, or singing, or do you even get the urge to start moving around to the beat? You’ve likely seen the flash mobs where one person in a crowd starts out by spontaneously bursting into a song and dance number and people are moved to  Read more »

3 10, 2019

What Do You Need to Let Go?

2019-10-03T19:46:47-07:00October 3rd, 2019|

Fall is here in the Northwest and with it crisp temperatures with a bit of morning mist giving way to warm sunny days. Though I love the change of seasons I must admit I am mourning the end of summer just a bit. Out on the golf course yesterday the deep green of the fir trees against the bright changing colors of red and gold on the stately maples created  Read more »

18 12, 2018

What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?

2018-12-19T10:42:25-08:00December 18th, 2018|

The cold winter winds have blown the grey skies away to beautiful blue this week, giving us a new look at the majestic mountains that surround us. I am once again awestruck by the beauty of the place in which we have the privilege to live. As we move toward the holidays, I love to watch the homes and streets light up with decorations; it’s a sign of life, and  Read more »

4 12, 2018

Top 5 things to do in December

2018-12-05T15:41:31-08:00December 4th, 2018|

December is a crazy time of year. Year end at work, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and food. Food and more food. Personally, I workout more this month so I can eat more. It’s the time of year I am willing put extended time in the gym so I can eat and drink whatever I want. The other top 5 things I do in December that you can too: 1. Birthdays.  Read more »