A friend of mine posted on Facebook, “I am glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” I have to agree, as Fall is a lovely time in the Northwest with crisp foggy mornings, warm afternoons, and the trees shouting their beauty in vibrant colors of orange, yellow and green.

It also is a time where we are coming off summer vacations and getting back into school and work routines, and a great opportunity to sharpen our focus and reset for a great 4th quarter.

Many of us set quarterly goals for our business and it is the perfect time to revisit these, and define our priorities for the next 90 days. As we reflect on the year so far, how are we doing on our company goals? Reset yourself to finish the year strong with these 5 steps:

1. Chart where you are with your annual goals through third quarter. Are you on track or off track? If off track, list the barriers that have prevented you from accomplishing your goals.

2. Create 4th quarter goals. Keep the list short-no more than 3 to 5 items. Be specific with a timeline and metrics to measure your progress along the way.

3. For each goal determine your first action step. Then, block specific time in your calendar to accomplish this action. What gets calendared gets done.

4. Establish accountability for yourself by sharing your goals with another colleague or friend, and check in regularly to keep yourself on task.

5. Celebrate your wins.When you check things off your priority list that move you forward toward your goals, take time to reward yourself. When you are winning and feeling excited about your progress it gives new energy, and promotes further success.

It is easy to get off track. With these simple steps you can reset yourself for success, and move your business forward.