Bellingham Bay Marathon is September 30, 2018 and I just signed up. It should be glorious. Fall color on the leaves, slight chill in the air; high energy and I will run with a great friend. He asked me to hold him accountable, so I decided to reciprocate. Why not?

I mentioned it to my wife and she said “It’s only a half, you should. You have done Ironman, 2-day races, and marathons. No problem, its only 13.1 miles.” ONLY. 13 miles is a long way! Since when did 13 miles become easy?

OK. Time to train. Quick, look up a plan. Jump in. 4 days a week. 5 miles a day. What possibly could go wrong? IT, plantar, hip dysplasia…Naw I’ll be OK. GO.

25 days away. That’s a long way out…if you have been running! I am in a slump. Working out is a chore. A long run is to the mail box. I walk, paddle, jog, eat, drink… I am not prepared. This has been a tough year for working out. I don’t have the desire. Have you ever been there? The sheets weigh a ton. It’s too cold out. It’s raining. That crazy button on the garage takes too much strength to push. I can’t seem to get out of the house!

I committed. Spent the money. Supporting a friend. I am in. It’s magic – I have the desire! Crazy how that works.Try these three things to get out of a slump:

  • Accountability. My desire returns. I will not let my friend down.
  • Fun. Well, time will tell. No, seriously. Running with a friend will be fun.
  • Heart. Yes, my heart will like the exercise. Realistically this will also recharge the battery and make me stronger. The strength to push the covers off and the button on the garage door!

Go sign up. Sign up with a friend. A 5k with your daughter? Something. Get active. It’s hard I know. But parting with the money and letting someone down is even harder. Be smarter than me and train first. Your doctor will appreciate it. So will your body.

I will keep random updates on my progress but right now I better go run.

If I get injured its Mark’s fault. If I don’t finish under two hours, it’s his fault too. This whole mess is Mark’s fault.